Silicone Egg Poacher Set

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Cook your morning eggs the healthy way with the simple and easy to use non-stick Silicone Egg Poacher Cups. Multi-use cups also work great for gelatin, custards, individual sized cheesecakes, and more. You can even bake or melt chocolate!

  • Poaching Eggs is the healthier way to prepare eggs!
  • Easy to Use  Non-stick silicone lets your egg slide right out and onto your plate
  • BPA-free, Food-Safe Durable Silicone, Eco-friendly
  • VERSATILE - Not only for eggs, you can use the poacher cups with gelatin, custards, and individual sized cheesecakes. You can even bake or melt chocolate!
  • Easy to Clean: Top-shelf dishwasher safe
  • Approx. Size: 3.5" x 2.5" / 9cm x 6.5cm
  • Set of 2; Color sent at random

 A poached egg is an egg that has been cooked by poaching, as opposed to simmering or boiling liquid. This method of preparation is favored for delicate foods that could be damaged by cooking at higher temperatures such as the boiling point of water.

The 'perfect' poached egg has a runny yolk, with a hardening crust and no raw white remaining. ​Research at the Mount Sinai School of Medicine in New York indicates that frying or grilling foods at high temperatures can actually produce compounds that may increase body inflammation, which is of special concern to individuals who struggle with arthritis or other inflammatory-type diseases. Poached eggs are prepared with boiling water, which does not produce these inflammatory-causing compounds. Poaching is an indirect, moist-heat cooking method that calls for boiling an egg without its shell. Of the handful of conventional preparation techniques, it ranks as one of the healthiest ways to cook an egg. For about 70 calories, a large poached egg supplies more than 6 grams of high-quality protein, 4.7 grams of mostly unsaturated fat and significant amounts of vitamin D, antioxidant compounds and choline, a nutrient essential to healthy brain function.

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